Grumpy Website


Ah, Flickr. A photo hosting website that is good for anything but for browsing photos. Here you can see their “Camera Roll” UI that is part of Flickr UI renovation.

Yet, to download just a single image, you have to select it (1), then travel all the way down to “Download” button (2), and finally back to the center of the screen to the “Download 1 photo” popup (3). Seriously, it’s just one freaking image, how hard could it be?

One more UI sin you can spot on this picture is the fact that clicking on a thumbnail does not open the big version. This should be one of the fundamental UI principles, in my opinion: if you see something that interests you, and you click on it, you _have_ to get a bigger version.

On a Flickr, though, to see a picture you have to hunt down small Expand (or whatever that is) icon in the top right corner of each thumbnail. Even worse: those icons are invisible, so you have no idea they exist or can’t travel directly to them, you have to hover thumbnail first.

One word: a messr.