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Why the tiny hover areas for toolbar buttons Apple? You have lots of space there, the bigger the buttons are, the better.

Top: current, middle and bottom: suggestions.

This crazy beatiful and complex and probably very expensive dual camera + lidar on your new $1650 iPad Pro? The one that can not only shoot pictures but actually measure 3D distance? The one that sticks out for 3mm and prevents iPad from lying flat on a table?

Well, it can’t shoot that Apple’s new, proprietary, beautiful, agressively promoted, ML-assisted, depth-aware, portrait mode. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why.

Crappy 720p front face camera can, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Simple rule: toggle labels should not change text! The icon alone already adds “True/False” meaning, no need to support it with text, it will be confusing. Same goes for checkboxes.

Another simple rule: toggles and checkboxes are for yes/no (enabled/disabled, true/false) states, not for two arbitrary values. Use combo box or radio buttons.

Thanks @monory for reporting this

Today I was forcefully woke up by my iPad, both with the audible bell and screen flashing.

The reason? Freaking time report. Seriously? Seriously?

Does anyone, anywhere _REALLY_ think that weekly report is worth ringing? Under _ANY_ possible circumstances? Even screen flashing is too much for this crap, but ringing???

Notifications are a fucking minefield. The only way to use modern devices is permanent Do Not Disturb.

Computers can do a lot. The only thing limiting their greatness is UX and company policies.

Thanks @souenzzo for the picture

Thanks for letting me know, I guess?