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So... I decided to check something in a book I purchased. Silly me, I decided to check this on my laptop.

The book wasn't there. None of my book purchases were there. The store tab in Books preferences was helpfully unavailable, at all.

Do you know the solution to that? System Preferences -> Apple ID -> Uncheck "Optimise Mac Storage". This setting either stores all of iCloud on your computer, or "older documents will be stored in iCloud when space is needed".

iBooks isn't even listed there (it's listed in separate options under iCloud Drive).

Would it kill anyone to at least write a description of this behaviour in iBooks? No. To quote Casey Muratori, "they. don't. care."

Update: it showed all my books in downloading state, but nothing was downloading. Quitting and opening books, and my books are gone, again. Thankfully, I remembered somethig something authorization and went to Books menu -> Store -> Authorizations -> Authorize this computer, and authorised this computer.

They. Don't. Care.

When Rewards and Chat are more important than actually being able to buy stuff on your site

Oh no! New tab is going to open! An event so extraordinary it deserves its own modal popup dialog.

Also, leave?

P.S. Don’t go to the link, it’s spam

You can reschedule but you can’t cancel

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I like how Colorful option has less color than Minimalism, and Minimalism has less consistency than Colorful

If macOS turns on scheduled DND, there’s no button to turn it off 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Quick! What these icons mean?

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What really bugs me about Control Center in macOS is that its navigation controls are completely invisible. They are not controls even, just random parts of another controls that suddenly don’t trigger what’s drawn and written on them but instead move you to another screen. Navigating back is quite a puzzle either.

How could this have happened? Someone proposed: what if we make our controls _completely_ invisible? And everybody else were like: yeah, that’s a great idea, really clean and smart. And then they just shipped it?