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Modern remote, old problems

Thanks @mxtnr for the video

Reversed accents here. Characteristic names should be small, values should be big.

Why? Because people actually care about values, not titles. There’s no point for me in reading “Play Time”. But “6 hours” is actually a valuable information and should be put first.

I don't know what I want to look at more:

- the absolute lack of contrast and separation between the elements?

- the artefacts as it tries to paint the sidebar?

- the weird behaviour of the file format section?

When left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Thanks @dottedmag for the picture

Does a set of all sets that do not contain themselves contain itself?

Thanks @vanadium23 for the picture

How long should animation be? Somewhere around 100 ms.

How long is an animation at Apple’s website? 1300 ms. 13× too long!

And that’s on a function you are supposed to use often!

Hi! You seem to be in a new location. Do you want to Change Location^W^W play with our settings?

Thanks @AntZoo for the video

Information density of OpenStreetMaps (left), Google Maps (center) and Apple Maps (right). Same place, same scale on all three.

Thanks @justmonik4 for the picture

UX acounts on Instagram offering WRONG advice:

Left: Tricking user into preferable (for the company) choice, removing ability to read more.

Center: If everything has an icon, nothing stands out.

Right: Muted, almost hidden _actual_ result (Nothing found), replaced with promo bullshit nobody asked for