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and then there’s problem with designers who don’t understand conventions or meaning of icons. No, Twitter, (i) is now your go-to place to put dialog options (or any controls for that matter). It’s INFORMATION. It’s something you _read_ (or rather don’t read, as I’m sure most people do). Report/block/delete conversation buttons are NOT information

One of the stupidiest things you can do with text is to reveal it on scroll. What is it? A designer thinks plain text is boring? This article desperately needs animations, but there’s nothing to animate but text? Text in a book isn’t animated, and last time I checked, books are doing just fine.

Web sites are already suffering from loading delay that varies from 0.5 to tens of seconds. Such delays make things much less usable than they could’ve been. You can scroll through the whole book in a couple of seconds looking for a picture you need. It’s not a big deal. Imagine going through 500 web pages. How much time would it take? How soon will you abandon that idea? Very few people are patient enough to check even second page of Google.

Make things instant where they can be. Instant response goes a long way, always.

I guess I’ve found the most confusing dialog in macOS. If you use a thumbdrive with two or more volumes, this is what you get if you try to unmount it. After all, “ejecting disk properly” _is_ a rocket science

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: hidden double-hover menu. A menu that you don’t even know exists until you hover over a perfectly blank white area.

Thx @lrrr for the gif

The picture basically says: you fucked up and now have two versions of a document with conflicting changes.

How developers see this dialog: we give you an option to choose which one to keep.

How users see it: we are about to destroy half of your work, but you get to choose which one.

Kinda sadistic, isn’t it?

Thx @razum2um for the picture