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System share menu on Android. Complete chaos

Thanks @antoon334 for the picture

Correction: not the system menu.

“Download font” → “It looks like you need to download that font.” WTF?

I am nauseous.

Also unnecessary animations that move things around and back create a feeling the UI is very frail instead of solid.

Leave things in place.

Try to keep controls in place. In case of e.g. calendar, take into account that some months can span six weeks while most span only five.

Thanks @AndrewRichAdams for the video.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it should be a mantra tattooed on the forehead of every programmer and product manager.

Here we have mobile Safari breaking site autocomplete that has been working just fine for literally over a decade.

I visit a few times a day. So, every time I typed `n`, Safari would just immediately autocomplete it for me. I visited once a couple of days ago. "Let's see", says Safari now, "he visited this site a thousand times in the past, and this other site just once. Well of course it's clear I have to always suggest this new site now."

Also note: I'm on iPhone 12 Pro which is more powerful than some computers. And yet, the lag is so bad that it doesn't have the time to autocomplete the website and sends me to Google instead half of the time.

How can you break something and make unusable that worked perfectly fine even on the original iPhone?

Always allow login with email for those of us who don’t like having their life at the mercy of big tech monopoly

Thanks @theme_an for the picture

How many login popups are enough?

Thanks @bouncepaw for reporting this.

Just beautiful.

Thanks @arsenii_that_b for the picture

It’s better to use the entirety of screen space to implement zoom. There’s no point limiting it to the original image aspect ratio