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At least two of those are actions, not options (amend and create PR are their own actions, not options on top of commit). As we said it before do not put actions in a dropdown, and definitely don’t call it Options

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Windows 10 alarm app makes good use of your screen estate

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I guess now I have to explain how some basic controls should work. Here we have gallery switcher. Things to know about it:

- It exists to entertain users by changing static content from time to time, basically by showing variations of the same thing. It means don’t hide important info under there. Don’t expect users to read through it all.

- Each dot is supposed to turn the whole page, not advance items one-by-one. If I showed interest, made an effort and clicked to see more, I don’t want to see items I’ve already seen. There’s no point in showing “only one more item”.

- These dots are so small it’s ridiculous to think people will click on them. Dots are more for indication, not for control.

- Which means you need an alternative control to turn the page. It might be autoscroll or huge previous/next arrows on the sides.

Hope this helps!

It's hard to overstate just how incompetent Twitter is at ... everything. If this website ever gets tags, [twitter] will have the most content.

In our show today: opening a single tweet.

When you open a single tweet, you will only see three comments. A small "see more tweets" link, and "More tweets" whose relevance is exactly zero.

The you click "see more tweets" expecting to see more tweets. Oh, no. The page will reset, and you'll have to scroll past the tweet you've already seen and past the comments you've already seen, too.

Because, in Twitter's mind, that's exactly how people want to consume content.

Why even put a search _field_ on a page if you have to type in a completely different place?

Also, why show it as blank if you keep actual field populated???

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On the web, the whole window MUST scroll. Don’t let anyone tell you any different

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Pictures have size. As a rule of thumb, every part of picture is as important as every other. Otherwise, why would it be there? That’s why cropping pictures leads nowhere. I mean, yes, your page looks tidy and organized now, but what’s the point if I can’t see content? And I came for the content, not for the clean and tidy page, damn it! Besides, it’s not like there’s lack of vertical space in infinite vertical timeline, you know?

P.S. It’s double terrible because crop means you have to click on a picture, and clicking on a picture makes you lose everything! See