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thanks for letting me know, I guess?

this happened yesterday. Some unknown popup popped up and demanded immediate attention. It said my data wasn’t backed up. What data? It didn’t say. The name on the notification was “Google Play services” which wasn’t very enlightening: I don’t keep any data in Google Play, let alone its services.

Ok, let’s click and see what’s it about, I thought. Which lead me to the screen of an unknown origin. It said words “back up” three times (five times if we count notification) but that didn’t make it any clearer.

Dear developers! If you want to bother us users with a favor, at least take your time to explain what it is about. No, repeating “back up” five times is not an explanation. Thank you

It's so terrifying when every button or link on the page doesn't have a direct link but only onClick handler

Here is a real use case. I need to pay for two invoices but when I click on one of them holding Command key, they redirect me to the payment gate so I lose that form. There is no a link to reach it again. The right, modern way is to start from the begging clicking this and that.

Even "duplicate tab" functionality does not work with such apps since browsers cannot clone existing pages but only open the same link.

This is not only about spontaneous irritation when you lose the app's state, no. Those single page apps are really killing the web today. A link that targets a particular page was a heart of the web. Instead, how could you share the code placed into the button atrribute?

Every time I imagine all the websites wouldn't have links but only JS-scripted buttons I shudder.

how not to design “top apps of the year” lists. Huge, meaningless, painfully boring illustrations nobody is interested in and small, barely recognizable app icons people actually came for. Don’t

I'm not sure if this is universal or Mac-specific. Alt+arrow moves the cursor one "word" at a time. What's considered a "word" is a different and a somewhat difficult topic, but whatever the word is, it should be consistent in all directions.

But it's not!

If I do X jumps forward and X jumps backward I might end up in a different position, not the one I started in. Thanks to quotation marks and other symbols that break the consistency of words' borders.

maybe someone can explain this to me. Why can some apps be deleted from Launchpad while others can’t? I’m not new with computers, I’ve been around Macs since 2007, I work in IT and I’ve seen a lot of “programmer’s logic” type of UIs, but still, I can’t come up with an explanation here. Those same apps are perfectly deletable from the /Applications folder, for example.

Spotlight matching algorithm. It almost always correctly guesses what I want from the first letters—usually it’s the most used app. But when I finish typing it switches to something else entirely. Why?

how many alarms do you have? I have 51 at the moment, and it’s a mess. Every time I need to wake up or remember to do something at specific time, I set up an alarm that will stay on the list forever. Even if it was just for one occasion.

I wouldn’t mind cleaning the list, but there’s no easy option to do it. Each individual alarm must be deleted separately, and you have to do that by opening a menu for each one first.

There’s no option to delete all alarms at once as well. Trust me, there’s not a single alarm I feel I should keep. If I need one, I’ll just set it up again — it’s not a big deal, after all.

But what puzzles me most is why do the alarms persist in the first place? Why not set it once — fires once — disappears? Why keep everything and clutter the list? Might need it again tomorrow? Next week? Well, clean them if they weren’t touched in a week then. Do something. I don’t like the mess, and I don’t like that you make me feel that I created it all myself.

recently I learned that if you connect headphones to your Android phone, the alarm will ring in the headphones. Which makes chances of you hearing it close to zero. Counterpoints:

— What if I’m in a public place and don’t want to disturb anybody, but still need to set an alarm (midday alarm)? Well, for that you have alarm volume knob (read about it here

— What if I’m actually wearing headphones and won’t hear an alarm from a phone speaker? Well, obviously, the purpose of the alarm is to be heard. It should make noises in all channels currently connected to it.

But the main design principle for alarm is to be reliable. So any opportunity for alarm not to be heard makes it less and less usable.