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If you draw a button, let me hit a button!

Thanks Henry Singleton for the video

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This is not a volume control. This is a song’s progress bar.

Thanks @HID_DEVICE for the picture

#Slider #Volume #ProgressBar #Rhytmbox

If something can be a simple list on a page, make it a simple list on a page.

Pros: you don't have to spend time designing, implementing and testing a custom non-standard component that may or may not work on various devices.

Cons: none.

Is it a selection option? Or a nested group? Both!


Let’s be realistic: nobody is going to spend more than 5 seconds on a parcel tracking website. Also, nobody has a brain space to “learn” about its “features”

Thanks Roman for the picture

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Dropdown in NOT a multiple choice component

Oh no somebody used my password so I have to choose another one!

#Amazon #Login

Do not give active hover states to components that are disabled

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Web is already slow. Do not add artificial 3-second fade-in animation to make it even slower

If you expect users to type into textbox, it should appear empty. Do not put your branding in there!

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Closeness principle: try placing controls next to the thing they control

Thanks @guacamolie for the picture


It’s better if your title doesn’t contradict your actual text

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