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Chose your mobile and mobile data plan.

Top row: minutes

Bottom row: gigabytes

Button at the bottom: "Chose for me"

It takes up to a minute to scroll from 500 to 400. Really, this needs no comments.

A few years back there was a competition of sorts for the "worst way to enter a phone number". Looks like Yota's designers looked at it and said, "what a great way to design a dark pattern". See for yourself:

Many thanks to @pier for sending this gem.

Suppose I was listening to a podcast. And the episode is basically over. I know it’s over. But there’s still 40+ seconds of closing words, credits, outro music etc. What should I do?

If I just close it it will stay unfinished. File will be kept on a phone, it will be shown in the “In progress” list etc.

If I keep listening, it will start next episode, which I maybe want to choose? Or I don’t have enough time for starting another episode? And I don’t want to mark a next random thing as “Started” because it’s definitely not my intention.

In short, I want “I’m done with this” button.

Livejournal mobile icons. My interpretation:

- A guy was thinking about doing some writing. About heavy machinery, I suppose.

- Nobody would publish his paper.

- He brought two friends.

- They wrote a book.

- It gets published.

- They receive a gift.

- He starts thinking about next book, but one of the friends didn’t like it, so he left.

- Some time later, second friend leaves too. He’s all alone again.

IPhone “Accept call” screen (left) is nice and simple. The tricky one is the one in the middle. It is shown if you are already in a call and a second one comes in.

Imagine: you are in a rush, you already have another thing going, totally distracted, something unexpected happens. You have to figure out what’s going on, make a decision, and make it fast. This is already a high-stress situation. The problem with middle screen is that it is hard to figure out what’s going on.

First, the whole screen is brand new, never seen before. It’s a bad timing for learning a completely new UI.

Then, unlike most situations, here you have TWO object you operate on: old call and new call. It’s unclear on which one each of the button will operate. Decline — what? Old? New? Message whom?

Then, icons. You see familiar icons, BUT they have different meaning here, AND each one appear multiple times on the same screen — why? Why are there two declines and two accepts? Some of them are grouped — what does it even mean? Is it still a single button? Or two? How do I press it?

Yeah, it’s probably a rare screen that didn’t see much love because of its own rarity. But if the screen IS rare, you MUST make it crystal-clear. Because people will never have enough time and comfort to learn what it says and how it works.

The solution is pretty simple. If you have two objects, show them both and give each one its own controls (right). You see “Accept call” screen every day. You see “On the call” screen every day. So you already know how they both work. Nothing new here. Plus it is obvious which controls operate on what. Win-win-win. You are welcome, Apple, that would be $10,000 dollars.

Downside: I broke iOS and can’t place icons where I want them.

Upside: I can finally place icons at the bottom of the screen, in the reach for my thumb!

A while ago I downloaded a Swift book, v.4.2 at that point. Today I learned that Apple book can have updates. Cool! Would I like to read about modern Swift 5.1? Sure!

Sadly, iBooks have no background updates. I have to click a button to get new version. Only there are two: Update or Update All. Even though there’s only one book to update. Okay.

So I click Update. It says “Your account is not valid for use in the Russian store. You must switch to the German store before purchasing.” It’s pretty funny how many things are wrong with this sentence:

- I wasn’t purchasing anything.

- I am in the German store. I must not switch to it.

- The word “valid”: my account IS valid for Russian store, I am just not switched to it.

- Ok what? It doesn’t continue nor does it solve any of my problems.

- Cancel what? You were not going to do anything, what are you going to cancel?

Confused by this message, I tried to find which store am I in? This information is pretty hard to find. It’s not on the Store page, nor is it in Store settings. None of the books shows which store it belongs to neither. Finally, I found my store deep into account customization on Apple website. It was already set to German, of course.

I click Update one more time and see a happy message: all updates have been downloaded. I check my book and it is still at 4.2.

BUT! If you click “Show same book in Book Store”, it shows 5.1! It even has “Read” button underneath! Is this it? Finally? I click on it, only to get local version of 4.2. open. So close, yet unreachable.

P.S. The only solution for this bugging update was to delete the book completely (return to the store, ha-ha) and “re-purchase” it once more. Happy (?) end.

Windows HiDPI support is funny. If you boot into 200% 2160p mode, all your icons are full-size. If you switch to 100% 1080p and then back to 200% 2160p, some of your icons become twice as small. You returned to the exactly same settings, yet some icons are now smaller!

Apparently, this can go even further. If you switch display modes back and forth a couple more times, some icons might become 4x as small!

Thank god it’s not my first day on the computer. Otherwise I’d never figured out that to download a track you need to like it. Also for some reason SoundCloud site says it’s impossible to download despite the fact that they have Downloads menu alright.

> It is not possible to download a track from a mobile device. However, users with a SoundCloud Go or Go+ subscription can save content for offline listening on a mobile device.