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Well, nothing special is here, just an interactive panel in McDonald's. Is there any sense in leaving so much empty space in the centre? For the first moment, I even could not find those two buttons at the bottom.

Remember, you stay close to the machine so your field of view is quite narrow. There is about 30 cm (1 foot) between you and the screen. The red frame shows what exactly you see when interacting with the system. Why did they take so huge panels? They are just useless.

No doubt, this interface has never been tested by its creator in real life.

What Google is very consistent at delivering is UI inconsistencies.

On the left are the search results on YouTube. Each video has the-three-dots menu (visible only on hover, by the way, which is another ridiculous detail). On the right is the video page. The-three-dots menu is horizontal this time, but has three items as well. The first item is the same in both menus. The last item looks the same, because it's "add something", but it's an illusion.

If you're wondering how to add the video to a playlist or "watch later" from the video page: you have to click the plus button to the left of the dots.

Come on!

Hey, do you remember that universal UI thing: if your menu item opens another thing, like a new window, then the item has '…' in the end? Like, "Save as…".

"Add to playlist" should be "Add to playlist…", because it opens, you guessed it, the list of playlists.

Helsinki metro expanded west recently and several shopping centres in the neighbouring city of Espoo became metro stations. Additional navigation was added everywhere, including elevators. Orange square with letter 'M' is the symbol for metro.

But buildings often had an M floor long before the metro! And they are usually located between the underground parking and the ground level.

So, now there are confusing elevators all over Espoo: M button is not for metro, P1 is.

this app sells movie tickets. But they were so eager to put two advertising headers on top that they completely obscured good half of the movie poster, including the lead’s face. No problem, they though—we’ll just put another, smaller version of the same poster inside the big one so you can see it anyways

Web developers often obsessively optimise for small screens, do "mobile first", but for some reason ignore the desktop, where most of the professional work is done.

Google Spreadsheets is literally for spreadsheets, one of the most boring (and exciting, if you ask me) things computers can do. It's often used for accounting, reporting and other work of similar nature. The kind of work that is done on large screens due to the amount of visual data.

And every time I need to change the location of a document, I'm presented with a tiny dropdown menu with 5½ folders visible. It's not responsive or adaptive in any way.

miniatures can’t have abstract details. Calendar icon can’t have just some date. Shell terminal miniature can’t have abstract text in it. It’s either real thing or something so generic and vague you can’t possibly read it. Otherwise people will start wondering if those details should be taken seriously or not, and that’s the question that you shouldn’t leave for interpretation