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How many clicks does it take to log in with a non-default account in a Google service? At least three *before* you get to the "Sign in with a different account" (not pictured) which is a yet another clusterduck of clicks and options.

Confused? You should be. No one in the world, including Google themselves understand how this works:

If you build a feature, make it discoverable. I’ve been using macOS for about ten years now, and this is the first time I hear there are default shortcuts for dialog buttons. In Windows you just press Alt and every button that has a shortcut is revealed. In macOS, I guess, your only option is to read a developer documentation?

Thx @andreuvoronin for the picture

Let’s make our text as wide as the picture is. What could go wrong?

Do I go home often? You bet. So often, in fact, I labeled it “HOME”. And I specifically clicked on that label. Still think I should label it School or Gym instead, Google?

Thanks, Google.