Grumpy Website+


Do you want to see what’s at the bottom of the right column? Well, scroll down left one first!

Gotta love nested menus with just one position

Scroll to the right should scroll to the right

Click targets should be as big as possible. Just text itself it too small.

Also, if you draw a checkmark, least you can do is allowing clicking where it goes

Does this text field feels like “reply to this comment”? Well, it’s not. It starts an entirely new branch. Very confusing

As a rule of thumb, toggles should not start any action. Especially calling someone. Use buttons for that

When reporting error, don’t just tell what’s wrong. Tell why. What’s wrong with 2562×1436 specifically? Is it too wide? Too tall? Too big overall? I’m happy to re-encode, but I’d prefer to know what I need to change

How many buttons do we need?

Telegram: Yes.

Reported by @erythrotim