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It takes 6 screens for Amazon app to get to the “Open locker” button. During these 6 screens you have to click at barely visible and completely irrelevant “Track package” link. There’s no indication anywhere in the app that you have parcels waiting for you. There’s no grouping by locker either.

This is what puzzles me. Everyone who uses Amazon lockers HAS to go through all these 6 steps every time they order anything, right? This feature has almost 100% usage rate among people using lockers.

So why hasn’t it been optimized in any way? Because Amazon has already charged you money and now it’s your problem to figure it out? Because you have no other choice but to figure it out?

Anyways, a good illustration to why bad UX is not an obstacle for a successful business. And why you should not copy Amazon design decisions.

So this guy leaves me a comment under one of my videos. I see it in notifications and nowhere else. It’s not under the video. It’s not in the moderation queue. If I click on it in notifications it’s still can’t be found. I contacted him and he has not deleted it either. The comment is nowhere to be found.

WTF YouTube? How many other comments have I lost this way?

@adam_krivka: which button turns on the tv

@apust: I wonder if there's any free space to show more items and avoid scrolling. Oh well.

Somebody please explain to me why Dock has a shadow? It’s on top of everything, sure, but I still would prefer my window without a shadow over it. Menubar is also on top of everything, but no shadow and nobody is confused.

Uneven gaps left and right of Dock are also annoying