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another Telegram invention. A checkbox at the other side of the Universe

thank you Telegram for keeping me notified

Five years ago one of the reasons I would recommend MacOS was: it just doesn't get as many annoying notification from every little thing that's installed in the system as Windows.

For every single application that wants there are now:

- three alert styles

- three notification places

- badge app icon

- notification sound

Given that there are over twenty apps in that list (and it's a pretty fresh computer), it means that I'm potentially getting:

- 20 notifications

- in three different places (so, 60 notification in total)

- with sound

Good job Apple, good job.

No, Steam. It’s YOUR web browser, not mine

pretty mesmerizing, yeah

I was debugging this VPN issue. Those two fields drew my attention. Clearly two IPs are different, one is a whole digit shorter than the other. Or is it?