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this is almost someone intentionally wanted to harm the user. What happened to the dense rectangle of letters that was so easy to navigate? Why separate tab switch for capitals/symbols? It’s not like there’s not enough space to put them on the same screen

For the love of god, I can't understand what "Files not contained in a folder automatically sync" means!

most of software either does its job or blames user for mistakes. Here you can see something else: a software congratulating me on something smart I did. Nice! We need more of that

Google's Captcha in Firefox vs. in Chrome.

I use Firefox, and this morning I've spent quite some time proving to passive-aggressive Google that I'm not a robot.

too many arrows

Hey, Photos, please group my photos by year?

Sure, here you are: twelve years in one group, single year, two years, same year again

When did computers lost the ability to do simplest things they used to be good at?

still puzzled with these three buttons on my Microsoft keyboard. Any ideas?