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My favourite app: Android File Transfer (yes it’s an official Google app). Every time I plug my phone for a charge, it pops up, says (in a modal popup) “No idea what I’m doing here” and closes. Whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m no Dieter Rams but I also want it to stop. Come on, it’s not even funny. Is this a content site or a banner shop?

Twitter has a fantastic error: Duplicate tweet. Basically when an app succedes to send your tweet but thinks it failed it will try again, only this time it’ll be properly rejected. They, somehow, pin it on me, like if I sent it twice. No, dear app, please figure your shit yourself

In case you like clicking on checkboxes (lots of them!) and making hard choices with incomplete information (do I want this? that? what does it even mean?), Massdrop got you covered

You know how moving files of any size within a single drive is instant? Because (depending on the file system) usually nothing is really moving, the OS just updates the address table for the file system.

I've tried moving a folder of 1000+ files to another folder using Dropbox web app, and it just couldn't do it! "Too many files" my ass!

It's not like the browser is doing the work! Or files have to be downloaded or uploaded. This is just a `mv` command invoked remotely. They suggest I do it on my own computer.

But what happens if I do that? Surely, Dropbox won't upload thousands of files afresh, it WILL move them remotely.

So... Yeah.

Another case of "When different parts of your system don’t talk to each other" (Synology DS Video App).

When different parts of your system don’t talk to each (thx @lynaghk for the picture)

I’m waiting impatiently when artificial intelligence finally arrives. So far Google Analytics informs me that when I publish a new article my number of visitors comes way up. What an insight! (actually, it generated 4 insights based on that event alone) And then Google calls it anomaly, because I do not publish regularly. Well. Good luck predicting next spike

Isn’t it crazy how many apps suddenly want you to create an account before using them? I first was surprised when nVidia graphics driver forced me to create an account. Today, even kettles require one. Come on, do you really want to report to Google how often I boil my tea? We live in a dystopian world