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We get it, *download our app* Reddit. We really *try the app* truly do get it *open in our app* that you *open app* want us *app* to *mobile app* use *official app* your mobile app.

If only you used that cookie consent to save the preference that no, I don't want your mobile app, and that I've already said no to the thousand or so banners.

*Open app*

Feedly has just shipped a new feature which asks me what was the focus of that article. Well, that's a mess. That damn widget now hangs below each post. Surely, there is no "leave me alone" button. Go to the deepness of settings and find it by yourself.

Next, Feedly clearly says, the feature works for English only. What's the point to show it for non-English feeds then? It's plain to check whether the language is English or not.

The only available tag "other" looks like a mockery. OK so I press "other", are you happy now? Did it give you more data to analyze?

Finally, I don't feel good about solving that puzzles. Google captcha has been enough. Go train your neural network or text recognition engine, but leave the users alone. We'd like to read text, but not recognize something.

For a minute, check what your users think about it.

MacOS, let’s not notify me when my disk is almost full. Let’s notify me when it actually runs low on space. 20 Gb free might be less than 10% of its size but it’s still 20 Gb!!! Why should I be worried when there are 20 MORE GBS free??? What are you planning to put there?

Some sort of inconsistency is here. Usually, those three dots open a popup window, don't they? Instead, there is only a single edit action behind it. Were they put in advance maybe?

explanation that doesn’t explain anything, but barely repeats title

Don’t use font-weight: 300 for body copy. It’s too thin to be read comfortably. Designers like it because it pages look “lighter”, but it hurts those who would like to know what’s actually written there.

font-weight: 400 is default for a reason—it was carefully chosen to be most comfortable to read. Font designer spent, let’s say, 6 month fine-tuning every letter and every letter combination in her font. Don’t make a decision only because you’ve looked at it 30 seconds and feel it looks “cleaner”.

(click on a picture to see it full-size)

Creating a streaming event on YouTube is stressful. Pick your date and time, then make sure it didn't go back to "Today - Now" silently after you change some unrelated setting.

Also, yes, you have to click on a date twice for it to actually change.

SublimeMerge uses “...” at the bottom as an “ends here” symbol, while I can only read it as “there’s more”, which is direct opposite of what they are trying to say.

Funny, same screen has “...” buttons which are “more commands here”, as expected (but still should probably be ▼ instead).

Well this is annoying. Some app has been begging me to enter my password for Google account. In a nameless popup over everything else. With no way to figure out which app it is for. Suspicious as hell.

UPD: seems it was Apple asking for Apple ID (got that by intentionally entering wrong password). How the hell was I supposed to figure that out?