Grumpy Website


It's so terrifying when every button or link on the page doesn't have a direct link but only onClick handler

Here is a real use case. I need to pay for two invoices but when I click on one of them holding Command key, they redirect me to the payment gate so I lose that form. There is no a link to reach it again. The right, modern way is to start from the begging clicking this and that.

Even "duplicate tab" functionality does not work with such apps since browsers cannot clone existing pages but only open the same link.

This is not only about spontaneous irritation when you lose the app's state, no. Those single page apps are really killing the web today. A link that targets a particular page was a heart of the web. Instead, how could you share the code placed into the button atrribute?

Every time I imagine all the websites wouldn't have links but only JS-scripted buttons I shudder.