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organising stuff is a burden. You shouldn’t put your users through it unless they really, really, really need it. And even then, think twice if it’s possible to avoid it.

In the case above I wanted to add a place to the bookmarks so it’ll be easier to find. But instead of just marking it with a small heart icon, app asks me if I want to create a new collection. I don’t want to, in fact, I’m actively against it, but there seems to be no way around it.

So I roll with it and now I have to invent a name! What name should I choose? “Places I’m about to go to?” “Places I want to find quickly on a map?” “Places I want to see Heart icon next to?” It doesn’t make any sense. There’s no meaningful name to what I’m trying to do here. I didn’t wanted that collection in the first place! Don’t make me responsible.

It’s not all that bad though. There were times when they asked you to create an account before you can create any marks. Think four more steps in between—ridiculous!