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I might be the only person out there who don’t understand why quickly accessible control centres on mobile phones have WiFi switch that is simple toggle on/off instead of having some quick way to choose a specific WiFi network. Of course, if I’m at home or at the office or at friends’ house, the phone would remember their WiFi and join automatically. In all the other places, though (cafe, airports, malls, anywhere abroad) where I need WiFi I have to go to deeply buried settings, then find WiFi there and finally being able to choose a network.

I wonder how OS manufacturers expect us to use it? Don’t use WiFi? Don’t visit new places? What use would On/Off toggle have anyways? If I already joined a WiFi why would I want to get off it? (I mean, I can imagine couple of reasons, but none of them are as ubiquitous or as important as to put it to Quick Controls dashboard).

Only the very latest Android 8 fixed it, and it only took them 10 years or so. What am I missing?