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We don't often talk about physical products even though we interact with them as often as with digital products.

Take, for instance, this LG washer/dryer combo. As with most such products you can delay the start of your washing cycle:

- The minimum time you can delay by is 3 hours (nope, you can't delay by 1 or 2 hours; 3 hours minimum)

- The maximum time you can delay by is 18 hours (nope, not 24 as you would expect)

- Moreover, if you select 3 hours, it assumes that you didn't make any selection and starts the cycle immediately.

That is, you can delay your washing cycle by 4 to 18 hours. No more, no less. I fail to understand the reasoning behind these dubious choices.

The cherry on top is the knob. An ordinarily looking knob. A physical knob that even clicks as you turn it around when selecting the wash cycle type. However, the LED indicator moves around with constant speed that is totally independent of the knob. No matter how fast or slow you turn the knob, the LED indicator will go from selection to selection with the same speed. Which is ~1s per section.

Why? Well, we'll never know.