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Sometimes consitency is a good thing. Sometimes too much consistency is not. In Skype, if you’re in a group, you have this “Add person” button (top right), which totally makes sense. You want to be able to add new people to the group. When you are in a group context.

But what happens if you’re talking to a single person? You have the same button, which does... well, exactly the same! It adds this person to a group. But why? Why, when talking to someone, would I want to add them to a group? Which group? It doesn’t make any sense.

Then there’re call buttons in both interfaces. Yes, video/audio calling _a person_ is a totally logical thing. In a group context... I’m not so sure. Sometimes, you want to call a group, but most of the times, a group chat is just it—a chat. I mean, did I ever accidentally called 25 people at once? You bet I did.

Thx Daniel Compton for reporting the problem