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Netflix Apple TV app. If you pause a movie and then put Apple TV to sleep, next time you wake it up you get this: a movie screen with the second button selected by default.

Why is "Play from beginning" default, and not "Resume"?!

Lots of times I just clicked it without looking, well, because we expect the default choice to be the one that makes the most sense. If I haven't finished the movie, the choice that makes most sense is that I want to continue, not start over.

I'm sure this isn't a weird design decision on Netflix' part. It's probably a bug or something.

The thing I want you to consider is this: why does it always seem like some obvious use cases are not tested? I'm talking about multi-million or multi-billion dollar private and public companies with hundreds of engineers. Funny thing is — the smaller the company is, the higher probability all those obvious use cases will be tested and cared for.