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Another daily sync in Zoom when a strange window appears. I'm starring without any clue what's it about.

The window's got plenty of layers each brings its own message. The title says I should choose only ONE something. OK. The blue bar says "Computer Audio". That's strange: can it be non-computer audio? The next one, yellow: audio was disconnected. Well, I see, some sound troubles. But it was enough just to mute me, but not disconnect.

A huge green button "Join Audio conference by Computer" in the centre. Still no idea what it is. I have a video call, not an audio conference. "By Computer" -- are there any non-computer options?

And the footer with a checkbox. I believe they meant automatically mute or unmute then the call starts, but the wording is fuzzy and long.

One click on the green button solves the problem. Was there any reason to interrupt me and show so much of information? The program could handle it automatically with ease.