Grumpy Website


So Google is worried that Chrome isn’t personal enough. I get that. But as a user, I don’t want to see my own face on every page I browse. I’m well aware of how I look, thank you.

I mean, it’s just a browser. It’s supposed to be as transparent as possible. Stop making product out of it. I don’t want to engage with you. I don’t want features. I don’t want to “setup”, “personalize” or “use” it. I want Internet. I don’t want Google-branded internet. I don’t care what I use to browse it as long as it stays out of my way. Google. Please.

P.S. You might wonder why am I logged into search here? I wonder the same thing. Search is supposed to be simple—I ask question, you give me the answer. At no point my personal account comes into play. I don’t want to search using different accounts. I don’t want to “manage my searches”. I just want answers.