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One of the most annoying things across the internet is "Show more" or "Read more" buttons. It seems like every single service tries to lurk as much information as possible.

I regret to say, GitHub got into it too. Recently, they started to shrink everything: issue content, comments, etc. Literally, everything that is longer than a couple of sentences.

That is especially annoying when I know for sure that just one line or a couple of words were stolen. Who was that programmer who wrote such an ugly logic? Hide the last sentence of my text, that's madness!

For what reason, I wonder? Why cannot the system detect that if I click constantly on "show more", maybe it would be better to remove that feature? Or at least track my choice in cookies.

The thing is, scrolling the content is much easier than clicking on a small target. A scroll is cheaper in terms of efforts, especially today when we've got wide monitors and great touchpads. Hiding everything under a tiny element and forcing me to click on it is really a mockery.