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While we are on the subject of cars. These are the buttons on the steering wheel in a Volvo car.

The symbols in the middle are for a so called IntelliSafe Assist: it assists the driver to keep a certain distance from and speed of the vehicle ahead.

The other buttons which you use very often work in a simple fashion: up means increase, down means decrease. You use them often enough that this becomes second nature. Up == increase. Down == decrease.

Except for the IntelliSafe buttons. Up means decrease, and down means increase. I understand the thinking behind such a decision. Down is also associated with "back", so when you press down, your car "moves back" and the distance increases. You press up, the car "moves forward" and the distance decreases.

However, since every single element on the steering wheel (and elsewhere in the car) uses "up" for "increase", and "down" for "decrease" this particular element is baffling and its behaviour is confusing.