Grumpy Website


What you get for searching for Skype icon on your phone home screen:

- Autocompletion.

- Random contact.

- Siri definition of the word Skype.

- Skype twitter account.

- Random calendar event.

- Websites Siri thinks mention Skype.

- Definition of the word Skype from macOS dictionary. Apparently different from Siri definition.

- Random podcast.

- Random news item mentioning Skype.

- One random website. Again, different from what Siri suggested earlier. Why do Siri and iOS suggest different things?

- Not one, but three random web videos.

- An invitation to “Search the web” in case Siri websites and iOS websites and (Siri or iOS) web videos are not enough and you missed “Show more” link on each one of them.

- Finally! An invitation to search an App Store!!! Who knows what’s in there? Maybe it has Skype, maybe not. We are Apple, and App Store was only made by Apple. No way they’ll let us show search results directly on the search screen.

- Maps?

What you don’t get:

- Link to an actual app.