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macOS has “Connect on demand” checkbox in VPN settings. What it does is it tells VPN to reconnect whenever it loses connectivity: network disconnect, notebook sleep, after restart etc.

It also has manual “Connect”/“Disconnect” command in a menu.

The problem? If automatic reconnects are enabled, Disconnect stops working. If automatic reconnects are disabled, well, your connection drops after the first network hiccup.

What I want? I want “always reconnect” always enabled by default. Who won’t want that, after all? Who likes to manually restore a connection each time something goes slightly wrong? This should be a default behaviour, not a setting.

And I want to Disconnect to work too. Meaning, if I told OS to “Connect” once, it should try to do whatever it takes to maintain that connection for me. Even after computer sleeps, even after restarts. Until I change my mind and tell it to Disconnect, which should mean “disconnect and stay disconnected”.

I mean, what’s so hard about that? And how what we have now makes any sense?