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Had a blast trying to clean up an old Windows 8 laptop. “It will not take a long time”—Microsoft words, not mine.

Reinstall Windows:

“Do you want to reformat the whole drive?” YES

“Not enough space :( Need 5 more Gb!”

You are going to remove everything from the disk. Why do you need me to free up space first?

Ok, let’s free up some space. Uninstalling Photoshop:

“To uninstall, please login to Adobe Cloud first!”

Ok, let’s remove Adobe Cloud then:

“Can’t remove because Photoshop depends on it!”

Ok, back to Photoshop uninstall. Logging in to Adobe Cloud:

“Hey, new update, wait while it’s being downloaded...”

Removing Skype:

- Uninstalled

- Opens Exit survey in IE 11

- IE 11 thinks it’s a good opportunity to being configured for the first time

- Everything hangs

- Find out there’s second Skype installed

Finally, everything is ready for reset:

“It will not take much time...”

“Preparing 1%...”

2 hours pass (literally, 2 hours)...

“Preparing 94%”


Reboot and start again.