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The tweet above reads: "A still from 'Your name' by Makoto Shinkai, 2010. And its real-life counterpart."

You might be excused if you are like me: but... but there's just one picture in the preview. And it's from real life. Where's the anime still?

Well, Twitter uses a rigid size for pictures in the feed that has a ratio that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike 16:9 ratio. Your picture doesn't fit that ratio? Too bad. Twitter will employ state of the art ML algorithms (aka the simplest and cheapest set of if statements and monkey labor available to man) and will only show whatever it thinks is relevant in the preview.

You want to see the full picture? Click the preview, and enjoy the fullsize picture... In a rigid frame that's set to an almost, but not quite, entirely unlike 16:9 ratio.

I can only imagine how livid are the artists who regularly promote their works through social media including Twitter.