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Ah, Apple Arcade. "A game subscription service unlike any other, Apple Arcade was made to explore."

Let's explore. You'll be left wondering:

- Why can't it cache images when you click between tabs?

- Why can't I watch trailers and videos in fullscreen?

- Why can't I control sound volume in videos?

- Why clicking a video sometimes pauses it and sometimes opens a different page?

- Why clicking the same video in the same place may or may not do the same thing it did the last time?

- Why doesn't volume setting (on/off) persist when going between pages showing the same video?

- Is there a worse place to put the volume control for full-page videos?

So many questions. No answers.

One thing for sure, it follows the footsteps of the rest of app store: it's an ungodly mess (see how App Store breaks every HIG rule here: