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Ok, triggered. Yesterday I was told that I need to upgrade ALL my Macs to Catalina just to keep using Reminders.

Yes, Reminders. Those little stupid things. And app that syncs text with tiny checkboxes next to them. Nothing more. An app that, because of its simplicity, is a to-go choice in all 101 programming courses and framework READMEs. The app can be implemented in 600 lines of Ruby code.

This is not a new hardware. This does not need a new chip. It’s not a videodriver, not a new system programming language, not a new system-wide UI framework, not a new operating system. It’s not one of those impossible to solve CS problems. It’s JUST A TODO APP.

In fact, it’s done by the Apple, the very same Apple that once silently upgraded filesystem on all their phones without asking their users or even without letting them know. And all of a sudden A FUCKING TODO APP requires all computers to be upgraded to the latest and greatest multi-gigabyte OS, or otherwise the problem of synchronizing a few KB of text is too hard a task to implement.

Is there anyone at Apple, at least one person, without their head stuck in their ass who could possibly maybe write a TODO app and make it work? Or is it too much to ask these days?