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Yes it’s a chest of drawers. Yes chest of drawers exist for 1000 years and yes, you can still fuck up their UX.

This particular piece has a tricky system that does not let you open a drawer if another one is already opened. I don’t know how it’s done, I bet the engineer who came up with this idea is very proud of herself (as she should be!) Yet it’s terrible to use!

For once, you can’t quickly search through all the drawers. If you open one you can’t just start closing it and move to the next one. You have to wait while first one finishes closing. It doen’t sound like much but it is terribly annoying in practice.

Another problem is that sometimes you can leave a drawer open a tiny bit without realizing it. And that means that none of the drawers would open until you figure which one is ajar. And it could be ajar for as little as 1mm. E.g. in the picture third drawer from the top is currently blocking access to the rest of it.

Donald Norman, one of usability pioneers, was famous for having problems with doors and ovens. Well I guess I have a problem with a chest of drawers now.