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Let’s think for a second how “Watch in fullscreen” button should work. When I click it, I clearly express an intent: I want to see this video in the most comfortable way possible, without any distractions. It might sound controversial, but normally it DOESN’T mean a tiny little rectangle in the center of my screen. GO HORIZONTAL! Yes I didn’t turn my phone (yet), but I already pressed a button to watch fullscreen! This tiny scaled down rectangle doesn’t work for anything, in any condition, anyway. Why show it at all?

Before you ask, yes, even if I locked my screen orientation to portrait before, I STILL want fullscreen videos (and only videos) to be shown in landscape. Because anything else makes sense.

P.S. controlling your phone orientation with actaully rotating your phone (you know, in a physical space) still sucks. I’ll take a button, even an on-screen button, over this any time.

Thx @s_sarkisian for the picture