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How Apple Music was built:

“We should let our users choose an output device.”

“Great idea! Let’s use checkmarks to indicate what’s currently selected!”

“We’ll have to draw a new icon for it then. We are Apple, we don’t have free world-class designers just walking around. Let’s use CHECKBOX instead.”

“Checkboxes are multiple choice, and we want to let users select just one device.”

“Ok, let’s HIDE all unchecked checkboxes then, so that users won’t think they can choose many.”

“Even if we have just one, users can still uncheck it. What would that mean?”

“Yeah, that makes no sense. What if we DISABLE it? That way they won’t be able to uncheck it!”

“Genius! It just keeps getting better and better. But I feel something is missing. After all, it”s the world’s most advanced operating system.”

“Yes, the UI is too responsive now. Let’s add a WHOLE SECOND of delay when switching to built-in audio.”

“Perfect! Let’s also CLOSE THE POPUP, but not always, like ONE THIRD OF A TIME, at random?”

“Now we are thinking different! I LOVE IT!”

“Ship it!”