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It seems that iCloud misunderstands the main principle about user files: never delete anything! And I mean, NEVER. Don’t even give user an IDEA that system might, even in most unforeseen circumstances, delete something. The whole idea of cloud storage is that I trust my files with you in the hope you’ll do better job at keeping them safe.

Here iCloud says that if I turn off Desktop ↔︎ iCloud sync, it will remove EVERY file I have on my Desktop. WHAAAAT? Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?

First, one thing has nothing to do with another. I don’t want to sync files to the Cloud. Big deal. Why does it mean I get to lose them?

Second, this is outright scary. No matter how many explanations they put there, none of them is enough because the sentence has words “ALL” and “REMOVED”. Heck, the action button says “REMOVE”. This leaves no room for alternative interpretations.

Third, the explanation is really bad. “Documents stored in iCloud”. Okay. Will be removed. Okay? From this Mac? What? How could documents stored in one place be removed from another?

Fourth, there is an option to “Keep a copy”. Why do I get to keep copy, but not the originals? Unknown. Then, it says “Keep a Copy”, but does is it mean everything that it says above should be ignored? Because, you know, the button is still under that scary message, so it kinda means I somehow agree, no matter what I click?

Terrible, terrible design.