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Remember when iPhone was introduced and it came without file system? And Apple was like: you won’t need files, you have apps now, apps will cover all your needs. Files are a geek concept, normal people don’t need them.

13 years later, I am trying to make by desktop sync with my mobile Both made by Apple. No luck. No idea what’s wrong. It just won’t go. An HOUR spent trying this and that.

Then I just download an app from the Store that accepts files, drop the book via AirDrop, and voilà! All took five seconds.

I had the same experience with music, photos, comic books, tv shows. People are having problems with screenshots sharing from XBox/PS. It all went to shit because every app has its own magical way of getting content and its own cloud and there are myriad of edge cases and million limitations and no freedom to do your own thing.

It makes me really sad, remembering, how SIMPLE files were. Reliable, too. Download, transfer, open. All steps easy to understand and predictable. Ancient technology from a more advanced civilization.