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There’s a trend to print relative dates instead of exact ones. I can understand it for “1-5 min ago”, but after that it loses its usefulness.

“1 hour ago” — nice, but I can look at my watch to see that 3:00 pm is “1” hour ago from 4:46 pm.

“1 day ago” — not useful at all. Again, I know what day it is, so “Jan 26” communicates to me “1 day ago” as clearly as “1 day ago” itself. But I lose time, and time might be important. Was it morning? Evening? Day? Night? All this information is lost in abbreviation. Unnecessarily lost.

“1 month ago” — the most crappiest one of all. Nobody thinks in month, but sometimes you need to find something on a particular day. Also unclear, is “Dec 30” 1 month ago from “Jan 2”? Is “Dec 20” 1 month ago from “Jan 10”? “Dec 1” from “Jan 31”?

The recepie is simple: Always print full date and time. Maybe abbreviate to “1-5 min ago”, but no further.