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You might think it’s a joke at this point, or exaggeration at least? Nope. This is a real article opened in real Mobile Chrome. I guess the message wouldn’t be as effective without so much “context”.

And if it so happen that you decide to follow Wired’s RSS after that eye-opening article (I’m all pro-RSS, no joking), you’ll find out that they don’t have one (duh). Well, they do, but they only publish article titles, which kind of undermines the whole point of RSS.

Why not publish full articles? Because you can’t show ads in RSS. This is why Google abandoned it, too. RSS is one of remainders of the old web, when it was still driven by people’s needs and interactions, not by advertising.

By the way, RSS always was and still is _the_ best way to follow updates (hi everyone reading this in a reader!) Most of the RSS readers are capable of finding link to the feed themselves from the site URL, but if yours is not, use We serve full articles and don’t care whether you visit our site or not. We care that you can consume our content the way that’s most suitable for you.

Here you have it. A love letter to RSS