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There is UI. There's UX. There's interaction design and common sense.

And then there's Google.

"Never the twain shall meet".

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I really enjoy TablePlus. There are just two things that drive me nuts:

1. The button to toggle the filter panel is at the bottom right. The panel appears at the top

2. Dropdown options for filters by default don't display the full list and you have to scroll to the desired options.

Both of these can be trivially fixed by moving the filter panel to the bottom of the window

An update from TablePlus (highlighting that "trivial solutions" are usually anything but):

We used to have a filter at the bottom, but the main problem is most of the time, the user hovers the mouse over the screen (in full-screen mode) and it triggers the dock. We keep receiving complaint emails every day.

Hey! We’ve just installed half of your app. But it will be useless without the other half. So we ask you, should we continue?

Hope you didn’t leave your computer unsupervised while installing, only to find it waiting for you to do a single click until other half is installed.

Buttons that appear on hover are evil:

- If you need it, you don’t see it and don’t know where to move your mouse.

- If you don’t need it and just see empty space and thing “Cool I’ll just move my mouse here to rest” it suddenly appears.

It’s almost like a landscape that changes under your feet as you walk on it. Pretty hard to work with.

Thx @mamutnespit for the video

We put popup menu in your popup menu, so you could, you know, pop up more?

Txh @s_sarkisian for finding this