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If you want to tell user about next step, try not to show that message as error

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That feeling when you just wanted an empty document but three managers from three different teams want your attention

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If you do two columns and then a photo side by side, try not to change the order (Kindle on the left in the table, on the right in the picture)

Your regular reminder:

1. Do not crop pictures

2. If resizing, keep the proportions

The only operation you are allowed to do on picture is: resize while keeping proportions

The bottom one is the best, probably, but then it decided to add some height by blurring the image itself. It doesn’t add anything but makes it more confusing

Thanks ovf, @The2lb3oz4dr10grOfHedgehogs and @sobersolar for pictures

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Do not randomly swap buttons for no apparent reason

Thanks @SomeKirill for the picture

#Consistency #PyCharm

If only computers could create directories instead of complaining about it

Thanks @grishka for the picture

If you want to trick users into enabling notifications, at least come up with a good reason to do so.

How do notifications help me stay safe? Or send tabs? Or discover features?

Thanks @sobersolar for the picture

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Dear website designers! Please don’t hijack our scroll!

Seriously. It only looks good in one situation: if user scrolls down with constant speed, from start to finish.

But that’s not what real people do! We want to go back and forth, skip some blocks, go back to re-read, search. It’s a website, not a movie

Thanks @generalgda for the recommendation


This is a dropdown menu. With two options. I guess the lesson here is “don’t use pictures of controls as icons for other controls”

Thanks Hudson for the picture

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...aaaaand it’s gone!

If you let user hide something, also give them the tool to bring it back

Thanks @migvidal for the video

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