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False correlation: it was supposed to be two buttons, but together they look like a search box.

Also, button text should be center-aligned

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I don’t know what to say. Be consistent? We all hate touch? Something along these lines.

Thanks @apust for the picture

#Buttons #Touch

Menu on hover: bad idea. User should have a freedom of moving their mouse without fear of triggering anything. It’s a basic human right.

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I don’t know about you, but for me it feels weird putting so much information inside a button. I don’t want to click information! I also want to see pause button instead of waveform for pause.

Thanks migvidal for the video

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Jeez Google, just use page title as everybody else does. It’s right there to be shown in search results

Thanks @maxim_krikun for pointing this out

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If you want crazy-fast loading times, do not show 5-seconds-long welcome animation

#AnyType #WelcomeScreen #Speed

Now that’s a window that needs a cancel button. This happens when you try to close “Compose new tweet” window

#Dialog #Cancel #Twitter

What a useless little dialogue. It usually happens when you are trying to connect to a public Wifi but fail. iOS gives you three options:

- Use Without Internet. Why would I want to do that? “I cannot send email. Mark it as Sent anyways?”

- Use Other Network. Sounds okay, but useless most of the time. People don’t usually have a list of networks they want to try. I tried one network, it didn’t work, let’s just forget about it.

- Cancel. Cancel what? This dialog appears out of nowhere, waaay after you first tried to connect to Wifi. Basically it’s a result of some internal check iOS does, not a user’s action.

#iOS #iPhone #Wifi

Jira’s constant struggle to fit less and less fields in a form.

From left to right:

- Jira 8: 11 fields

- Jira 9: 8.5 fields

- Jira Cloud: 6 fields

Thanks Gamlor for the pictures


Avoid making “New” or “All-new” as your product name. This device is from 2019, screenshot from 2024

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