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As an existing user on the most web apps that I use (duh), I’m tired of having to look for small “Sign in” link next to the well-highlighted “Sign up” one

Do you see a form? It’s there

#Contrast #SignUp #Form

It might come as a surprise, but people don’t interact with controls they can’t see.

The fact that you don’t show cursor in a text field doesn’t help either.

#macOS #SystemSettings #TextField #Invisible

No. Just no

Thanks @sobersolar for the picture

#Toggle #Cookies

Pro tip: when you ask about something, name that object.

Here, for example: which folder will be deleted? How am I supposed to make a decision?

#Telegram #Dialog #Confirmation

Let me get this straight. YOU changed the updates. But you want ME to check my internet connection?

Thanks @sobersolar for the picture

#macOS #warning #dialog #updates

I guess Toronto is too small of a city to be mentioned on #GoogleMaps

Since everybody seems to like minimalism so much, let’s agree on some ground rules

The lengths YouTube will go to convince its users it serves them the highest possible resolution when in fact it’s 360p at best. It straight up lies, twice on this picture

Share menu on macOS is the stupidest thing ever. The amount of unnecessary mouse travel is crazy. I call it “there and back again”

Thanks Fuchen for reporting this

#macOS #ContextMenu #Share #AirDrop