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“Hey, I just hid Shorts!”

“Yes, but these were only the first Shorts”

Don’t worry, my Report Spam button works instantaneously

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Unchecked checkboxes that still have checkmarks in them is a very special type of hell

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Try not to split form that has only one text field into two columns

Thanks for covering control that I need with popup that I do not need

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Prefer showing tooltip on the same monitor your UI is

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When you add functionality, it should make sense. It should have an answer to a "why?" or a "what purpose?" question.

Here's Apple Notes with "add link". I thought it was there to add a link to text. Instead, it lists three last opened things from three random apps.

Why would I need to add links to these specific things? Why only three? What is the purpose of this functionality?

Notification about not seeing enough notifications. How about that?

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#Spotify, if you replace like with a plus sign and remove from recommendations with a minus (, at least keep the order consistent!

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Here’s a trick: many fonts have a feature called “tabular figures”. If you enable it, all digits will have the same fixed width. Helps you avoid jumping in cases like this, and align columns in tables (thus “tabular”)

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