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Do not wrap numbers, especially price

Thanks @SomeKirill for the picture

#Steam #Wrapping

Tab order. It’s a thing

New features should address at least one user problem. 1 or more — good. 0 — bad.

I will never understand security model of PDF documents

Cursor jumps back to the original position if you go slightly off center. Instead, it should land at the closest valid position

#iOS #TextField #Cursor

View all repositories: If you draw a huge long button, have a courage to make the entirety of it clickable

#Button #Github

New rule: if I see a link, and I click on a link, I must go to the freaking link!

Thanks @obrizan for the video

#LinkedIn #Link

How about... you can scroll window header?

If you have plus and minus next to each other, it’s logical to assume one undoes the other.

In #Spotify though, plus likes the song but minus does not undo the like. Instead, it removes the song from future suggestions.

Also, why did like became a plus sign?

Thanks @egor_yurtaev for the pictures

Checkbox/Radiobutton controversy continues. Kids these days will use toggle (toggle!) for radio buttons.

You heard me right. Only one option can be selected here.

Thanks @dolfbarr for the picture

#Toggle #RadioButton