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Want to manage your drive’s storage? How about taking a look at some pillows instead?

Thx @sl_remy for the video

That's... interesting. Audible suggests a feature, but instead of providing a way to try the feature, it tells me to look for this icon. Look where? Is this a game to you? (*heavy breathing*)

Changing "Read more" to "Read less" is something a junior developer does because they think it makes perfect sense. It's just a mapping between a boolean value and view.

For the end user this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I just decided to "read more", why would I want to read less now? What does it mean anyway? Even "unread" would make more sense.

Age and birthday privacy settings at I mean... Sure.

To be honest, I'm not worried about losing this "draft" at all, Twitter. I didn't write a single word, I just clicked "Tweet" while on someone's profile page.

So, MacOS knows that there are updates. And yet, it can neither download the list of updates nor save the list of updates once it has retrieved it. And it takes an unknown amount of time to retrieve the humongous list of three items.

How do you remove repositories previously added to Travis CI? After failing to find anything about removal on the repo page or settings, I had to google for help. Turns out, to remove a repository you have to click + (plus) and uncheck those that you want deleted.

We apologize for not thinking it through.

thx @isaurian_the_3rd_not_really for the picture

So you've landed on some post on, read it and now wondering how to view the whole subreddit.

Maybe click on its name in the top left corner? Nope, it opens a global site-wide menu which includes incomprehensible things like "Coins".

Maybe click on the reddit logo? Nope.

One of those icons in the top right corner? Nope.

No, no, no. To get from a subreddit post to the subreddit you have to click "Close".


Simplify? Very simple, thank you