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I've used iMessage once in the last years. Now I have a permanent contact in the share sheet. Can't delete it, can't replace it.

So long. Much name. Impossible to remember!

Github wants to be helpful, but this took me a moment to process. Is Wikis enabled or not?

It's not. Green check mark means the setting is saved. Not the best choice of symbol to place near a checkbox, to be honest.

macOS had this nifty feature for creating screenshots: Cmd+Shift+3, select area, BOOM, a screenshot is saved to Desktop (or other folder, configurable via hidden settings).

Recently the default behavior was changed: new screenshot now appears as a floating bubble in the corner for a few seconds, and only then saved to default location as file. While it's floating, you can to make edits, or you can drag-n-drop it somewhere else.

You expect that would work as drag-n-dropping a file? Yeah, no.

That drag-n-drop doesn't work like native file drag-n-drop! It does what you expect only in certain situations. Half the apps don't accept it as anything and the floating bubble goes back to floating.

It gets much worse: drag-n-drop it onto a website area that accepts images (e.g. Google Doc) and LOSE YOUR SCREENSHOT FOREVER. The file is never saved to default location AND it is never accepted in the website.

This is crazy. The number of cases where Apple's software just plain discards or loses user data is growing.

You can force touch icons in control centre to go into details. E.g. by fource touching wifi I get to choose wifi network. Coincidently same touch disables wifi function.

We know your email and have successfully communicated with you via it but you still have not subscribed to our spam list and we have trouble with that. Maybe you won’t notice the checkbox this time around?

Thank you Apple for leaving me with this red dot on System Preferences (sick!) potentially forever. Yes, I know Catalina is out. No, I’m not updating, thank you. Yes, for most apps you can turn that badge off. No, not for System Preferences. How else are they supposed to advertise?

Dropbox managed to make opening an article a two-step process

When you try to search for something in Apple Photos, it immediately pre-selects the first item in the suggestions list.

I was searching for cat photos. I typed "cat" and pressed Enter. Was surprised to see pictures of Catalonia instead. If you press "Esc", the search box is cleared (and in some cases the focus is removed form it as well).

You have to type your search term, navigate to the actual suggestion in the list, and only then press enter (or click on it).