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Every day I spend at least one hour reading. That's exactly why when iOS updated to version 13, it turned on reading goals in Books and set the reading goal to 5 minutes.

It's not like anyone could find out what my reading habits were, right?

Can you notice this important message? Come on, it's right there!

I get it, most of cookie dialogs ARE UGLY. But putting in the joke does not make the problem go away! This is terrible not because dialogs are terrible, but because what you are doing with cookies is terrible.

How about not using cookies? Grumpy never had cookies and works just fine. You never see a cookie dialog here, you see content, immediately. Yep, a website. In the internet. Built in 2018. Working everywhere.

Of course, we use cookie for authentication in our admin panel. But you can ask users to accept it when they sign in! If I’m just browsing, please, stop annoying me with those cookies. I’ve eaten enough.

P.S. OF COURSE you can’t grab that cookie from You have to click it, even though the label says “grab”.

because OF COURSE Archived Chats are most important chats of all, even more important than the pinned ones. We’ll just put them on top of everything

another Telegram invention. A checkbox at the other side of the Universe

thank you Telegram for keeping me notified

Five years ago one of the reasons I would recommend MacOS was: it just doesn't get as many annoying notification from every little thing that's installed in the system as Windows.

For every single application that wants there are now:

- three alert styles

- three notification places

- badge app icon

- notification sound

Given that there are over twenty apps in that list (and it's a pretty fresh computer), it means that I'm potentially getting:

- 20 notifications

- in three different places (so, 60 notification in total)

- with sound

Good job Apple, good job.

No, Steam. It’s YOUR web browser, not mine

pretty mesmerizing, yeah

I was debugging this VPN issue. Those two fields drew my attention. Clearly two IPs are different, one is a whole digit shorter than the other. Or is it?