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1. Bing can search websites from the future

2. On Microsoft’s own domain

3. If you are reading this from 2022 or later, please go to the link and let us know if the page will be there

These are tooltips Spotify shows when you hover over the shuffle and repeat buttons. Something tells me the tooltip should show the current state, not the next state (an off by one error?).


It's consistent with how button behave: when you hover over a button, it shows you the action it will perform. However, repeat buttons, for example, have three different states, so it might be better to provide an extended tooltip: "Repeat all. Click to repeat track only" or similar


Chrome message when trying to download a folder in Google Drive. How does one get the precious .zip? “Leave site?” → click “Leave”.

And this is a notification that informs you there will be no notification bothering you. Delivered as a notification

Windows Defender have not found any threats and wanted to notify you about it. Because, you know. You don’t have enough notifications in your life

Welcome screen on a brand new Google Pixel phone. All you need to know about attention to detail in the Android World.

Default Google app with default Android configuration on Google hardware.

Why draw a road when you can draw NAME of that road instead? That complex maneuver you’re supposed to make at the center of the map? Nah, you’ll figure it out