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First time I see a notification that you can’t click on. It comes from Apple’s own iMessage too. Essentially there’s no way to read this message in its entirety

Apple could never understand that there can be more than user on a computer.

Hand-me-downs, temporary laptops in corporate settings, any laptop (or iPad, or iPhone) with more than one user/owner will inevitably run into this issue: a few (or not a few) apps installed by the previous owner persist. The account has long been wiped, and a new owner has moved in.

And yet, if you try to update anything (including Apple's own free apps they distribute with every computer and account), you'll need to provide the previous owner's credentials.

The best thing about it? There's no way to remove the previous owner, see the full list of apps they downloaded and transfer ownership or quickly delete them. They show up as if you owned them and will ask for a password on any attempt to update.

Hey! Doing some shopping? How about you let us access your Bluetooth? You know, just in case. It has nothing to do with shopping, of course.

Recently I learned that if you start writing a direct message in Slack but didn’t finish it, the person will be removed from your contacts! Well not exactly, of course. It just appears that way. Can you spot where did he go?

I hate it when boolean modes get inverted. Silent mode OFF == sound is ON, silient mode ON == sound is OFF. I don’t care what mode my phone is in, I do not think in terms of modes. I only care whetere there will be sound coming out of it or not. And this indicator is inverted. Hell, even icon pictures NO sound, yet the label says ON

iMessage still thinks that the pictures you send are some sort of “attachments”. To what, may I ask?

Okay Apple Mail. This is beyond anything I can imagine. Swiping left usually archives a message. Unless SOMETIMES it DELETES it. Why? I can’t think of ANY POSSIBLE reason. IT’S A FUCKING SHORTCUT! The whole point of those side swipe acitons is to stay in MUSCLE MEMORY. Don’t fuck with it. It HAS to be consistent. Class dismissed

"If you've supplied billing information..." Well, I might remember or not, but you KNOW if I did! Can't you just check?

Sure WEBP data efficiency is great. The part I hate about it the most, though, is that you can’t drag-n-drop it to desktop for some reason. If you save it (via Save dialog, egh), macOS won’t show you a thumbnail. You can’t open it with Preview. You can’t upload it to Twitter, even though it JUST came from the same browser which showed it just fine. If that’s the future I don’t like it. It’s nine years old for christ sake!

BEHOLD! The mighty Apple Photos. That shares photos in a majestic 360 × 270 resolution. Even if they were shot in 12 MEGApixels. Even if you bought a family iCloud plan and share with your spouse. I’m sorry but previews in my phone are of better quality! Apple, why can’t you into internet?