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macOS has an option to show/hide scrollbars based on what you use: mouse or trackpad. If it’s a trackpad, scrollbars only appear during scrolling. If using mouse, scrollbars are visible all the time.

Question: WHY? What is so special about mouse that it requires scrollbars? Or what is so special about trackpad that it allows for scrollbars to be hidden?

UPD: Apple Mouse, despite being a mouse and being called a mouse, works as a trackpad when Automatic option is enabled.

Checkbox/toggle label should not change. Checkbox state is an indicator if what’s in label is currently true or not.

When you don't know how checkboxes work

Maybe not the best idea to sort units by their names

I’ve been doing DuoLingo for 204 days in a row now. The only thing keeping me going is the sense of completion and steady progress towards the end. Of course, learning a language never ends, but there’s a finite number of lessons, and that thought gave me my motivation.

Today they updated some of the lessons and, well, reset my progress on more than half of the already completed ones. And I mean reset, from full completion to total zero. Just because they changed some wording inside.

Don’t do that.

An unsolved problem of computer science. Where to put picture in relation to the paragraph? Is HOCHOSTERWITZ (AUSTRIA) on the top picture or on the bottom?

One solution might be to use spacing to help: elements in one group should be closer together. Unfortunately, in the case of this site, spacing is broken: the picture that is further from the text is actually an illustration. Don’t do that.

Instagram is a multibillion-dollar company owned by another multibillion-dollar company. It is, essentially, a photo-hosting website.

You cannot upload photos from your browser. Unless your browser is a mobile browser (what's the difference? no one knows). Unless your mobile browser is in portrait orientation (why? no one knows). Unless your images are jpeg only (in 2020? why?).

And it doesn't even let you to properly upload a photo. It only lets you add a photo/video to a story.

Because screw you that's why.

Maybe not a good idea to show finite amount of days in a health app? I mean, it gives me around 273 more years, but still, you know, I like to think I will live forever. For now at least

On a Mac, you can change the “primary” display. At some point in the past it controlled where menubar would appear. Totally undiscoverable, of course (you have to drag a tiny white rectangle that looks like a decoration).

You can still do it, and here’s a really weird thing about that: when you drag menubar from one display to another, it moves all the windows. Why? I suspect, programmers link windows to some numerical display id, and selecting primary display changes those ids. Maybe, when you are inside the computer, it all makes sense somehow.

And here’s the morale: try to think about this interaction in a physical space. This is why I recorded video on my phone, not just the content of the screens. If you are looking at it as a user, there’s no reason for any of the windows to move at all! User didn’t ask for it, monitors are exactly the same, nothing really changed! So why is computer playing shuffle? To be honest, it shouldn’t even blink in that case.

Same with plugging another monitor: it shouldn’t be a big deal! New monitor means I just got more space, okay. But please do not touch my _existing_ windows! I will start using the new monitor at my own pace.

After you've seen the "new" posts (that is, the posts that Instagram thinks are new for you), it no longer shows you "old" posts.

After all, who cares if it's your timeline that you manage to see posts that you want to see. No, daddy knows best. So here are "suggested posts" with a tiny link to show the "old" posts in your actual timeline.

After after all, their in-app surveys on "how to make the app better" are invariably "how to show you more ads".