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Apple. "Obsessive attention to detail".

Did you know there’s window control menu in the green thingy? Just hover over it. I don’t find it particulary useful, mostly because fullscreen in macOS sucks (

Turns out, if you hold down Option, it becomes useful and lets you make window zoomed in to full desktop or to half of it.

I wish it was more easy accesible, but still, better than nothing.

Youtube without sections was so much better than Youtube is now with sections. I believe it’s purely UI problem. Sections make each video look like there are tens of small videos stiched together, instead of one single continous video with markers

In German dates are written with dot after them (first of April == 1. April). “Smart” app might turn that into the list. It’s ok. What’s not ok is that it then keep insisting on that even after user has explicitly changed it.

Thanks @FKohlgrueber for the video

If your keyboard is controlled by computer, one day keys will start disappearing. Today is that day. Esc key is gone. No way to bring it back but with hard reboot.

Centered text only works for a single short line. For everything else, it doesn’t. It makes reading hard, it looks weak and disorganized. Don’t

Thanks @justmonik4 for the picture

Useful data space, Dropbox app v Finder. Dropbox is the app that’s supposed to improve your file situation, not ...this.

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“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Thanks @dottedmag for the video

Thanks for putting that DMG into ZIP, I guess

Github releases. To see PREVIOUS releases, you have to click Next ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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