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Microsoft remains Microsoft even through many iterations of their software. Why not give the option to sign in or create a new account as the first step? "Sign in or create"... create what?

I bought a body weight scale. It needs an app. App requires an account. To get an account, you must register. During registration, they ask you to guess your own weight.

The new YouTube “Create” icon is ugly

Last time I was complaining about weird permissions Well, now apparently YouTube can request permissions while I am in a completely different app (Instagram in that case) and haven’t opened YouTube in more than a week. I guess their last hope is that small percentage of the people will OK by mistake

I like seeing apps requesting ridiculous things! And clicking Don’t Allow, of course. And you know what? 100% of the time app continues to work just fine

Have you tried turning it on and off again, car edition.

To login, click on the right. Then on the left. Then add your car at the bottom of the screen.

Volkswagen Group designers should put away their legos.

I wonder what’s the deal with this design. So there’s a gray heavily rounded rectangle. It contains a much less rounded square of another, but very close shade of gray. It also casts a shadow? Finally, inside the two, there a third rounded square, having somewhat intermediate rounding and the brightest shade of gray. I keep having a feeling this design could be simplified

“Design isn’t just about making things look appealing, or just about usability, or even just delight. It is about taking products from being usable to delightful, and then beyond that—to meaningful”

– Reena Merchant, Design Leadership @ Google

Thanks @avrong for the video

So... Apple knows Clock app has timer in it. It even suggests two. But why not show me the app? Because it’s called Clock, that’s why