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Interesting choice: destroy what I wrote and not do what I want, or not do what I want (I was trying to Quote Tweet)

A blogging platform that prevents readers from reading content. A fantastic invention

Unsolved problems of Computer Science. Sorting

Tons of literature on how welcome screens and “what's new” are bad. I came for the shows, and you interrupt me in the worst moment possible: when I actually wanted to use your app! Besides, this screen tells nothing and has no purpose: only thing you can do is just click “Whatever” button.

Should I press this button to follow? The answer is no, this is not a button, it’s an indicator

Youtube has taught me that clicking to the edges of the thing I want to watch might produce undesirable results. So I always aim for the center.

But now, even aiming for the center might get you into trouble!

I hate that you need full concentration and precise mouse control just to watch a video. Why can’t I just click on what I see?

Don’t do on-hover controls, especially on top of other controls.

So... I decided to check something in a book I purchased. Silly me, I decided to check this on my laptop.

The book wasn't there. None of my book purchases were there. The store tab in Books preferences was helpfully unavailable, at all.

Do you know the solution to that? System Preferences -> Apple ID -> Uncheck "Optimise Mac Storage". This setting either stores all of iCloud on your computer, or "older documents will be stored in iCloud when space is needed".

iBooks isn't even listed there (it's listed in separate options under iCloud Drive).

Would it kill anyone to at least write a description of this behaviour in iBooks? No. To quote Casey Muratori, "they. don't. care."

Update: it showed all my books in downloading state, but nothing was downloading. Quitting and opening books, and my books are gone, again. Thankfully, I remembered somethig something authorization and went to Books menu -> Store -> Authorizations -> Authorize this computer, and authorised this computer.

They. Don't. Care.

When Rewards and Chat are more important than actually being able to buy stuff on your site

Oh no! New tab is going to open! An event so extraordinary it deserves its own modal popup dialog.

Also, leave?

P.S. Don’t go to the link, it’s spam

You can reschedule but you can’t cancel

Thanks @YuriySteam for the picture