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When BigSur was just introduced, Alan Dye, VP Human Interface, said, quote [1]:


At Apple design has always been about great ideas. Those ideas that are developed with this obsessive dedication to detail


Forget the insanity that is Apple's new approach to Safari [2].

It's been a year since BigSur has been introduced, and these are still the message boxes you can see one after another in the same app. If this is "obsessive dedication to detail", I shudder to think what happens when they lose that dedication.


[2] and


I wonder what the number (1) in the red notification bubble means. That everyone has written at least one message? conflicts with Big Sur animations, effectively only showing start and end states.

Shame, but on the other hand, you get to see how FREAKING LONG those animations are by default.

In both cases the delay is exactly the same. You just get to see it.

Computers, you were supposed to be fast and NOT make people wait on you. It should be the other way around. Remember?

Zoom. The only software brave enough to think it knows better than me when to go fullscreen.

Started a call? Go fullscreen.

Changed layout? Go fullscreen.

A participant started screen sharing? Go fullscreen.

A participant stopped screen sharing? Go fullscreen.

Fullscreen is great when I want it. Not when some app decides it’s a good moment.

And yes, I have “Go fullscreen” set to off in the Zoom settings.

Ugh, new Safari tabs UI.

To drag the whole window, drag a tab?

To drag a tab, you need to press and hold (!!!). A gesture that is unprecendented in macOS.

To drag current tab, you need to drag a textfield. Ugh.

Back/forward buttons are outside of current tab, so not clear what they control.

Back/forward buttons appear/disappear depending on a selected tab, so most of the OTHER tabs expand/shrink on every tab switch, even if it happens far away from them.

Active tab shows URL, others show page title. It all changes constantly.

What a mess.

Kind of stupid files can’t be opened from the Bin (Trash). Why?

Why make me copy it to some random folder, open it there for 1 second, then move it back to the Bin?

Has anyone figured out yet what “installing” web “apps” does in Chrome? Besides just bookmarking them?

Compare cursor travel time from Start button to apps shortctuts. Left: Windows 10, right: Windows 11

Three dots, nine dots. Is Google out of ideas for icons?