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Today I came to the meeting one hour earlier than needed because Apple Calendar decided it’ll be a good idea to show me time in the organizer’s timezone instead of my timezone.

So, according to Apple, I am supposed to figure out exact time by looking at timeline on the left and drawing imaginary lines? Un-fucking-believable!

Is there anything about computers that works? Or is logical?

Just to be clear: this is how you fix the problem from the previous post

Guess the state of the toggles. Spoiler: second one is OFF (but the row is highlighted, so they invert the colors)

I wonder what was the thinking behind the decision to not allow putting PiP window where I want

Why even support % in calculator if you are doing it wrong? Why not show “I do not understand” or something? Why lie?

Mmm, two play buttons, doing different things. What can go wrong?

So, YouTube now opens the video I’m DONE watching again EVERY time I go to the main page. “Great” idea

A simple rule: scroll handler should not travel more than the content it scrolls

Let´s get this straight: ä and Å are perfectly valid letters

Thanks Dan Saedén for the picture

Next post should be on the right (timeline goes from left to right, as well as writing direction)