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First rule of the Web club: if you have a close button, it should be bound to Escape.

Second rules of the Web club: if I close a popup, I should return back to where I was, not some new place.

It’s hard to believe but it’s really a web service that doesn’t have a log in link anywhere on its landing page.

CORRECTION: it was an adblock issue on my side 🤦‍♂️. Unblocked site looks operable

Dear designers, please don’t be afraid of bright colors and high contrast. They have a purpose: they are easier to read.

Also, low-contrast form fields have always been used to communicate disabled form elements. You don’t want your form to appear disabled when it’s not!

Left: original (thanks @bbsody for it). None of the form elements is disabled, but they look like they are!

Right: fixed version

I am not sure what’s wrong with people working on Zoom UI but for some reason they think us (the users) have no better things to do on computer but using Zoom.

For example, this window stays on top of everything else. It’s a long-running process I have no control (or interest) over, but it thinks I have to watch it go. Why Zoom why?

- Icons should not repeat

- Fill variations are usually not enough to communicate difference in function

Thanks @antoon334 for the picture

In Apple's reality 4 updates equal 1 update

Tables are easier to scan if the same information is aligned to the same column. Ticket number: easy to scan. Reporter: hard.

First rule of every search: exact full matches should rate higher than anything else, no matter what

Left: macOS Weather widget shows conditions for the next 6 hours or next day, but, strangely, not for today!

It’s 1 am right now and I have no idea what to prepare for tomorrow. If I wake at 7 am, I would not know what to expect for my way back from work. And this is the largest, 2x2 widget, which even have space for Saturday but not Tuesday.

How to fix: show weather for the whole day, not just for the next 6 hours. Could be done in the same space with 3-hour intervals, for example.

How not to waste precious screen estate. Airbnb edition.

Top: current state of affairs. On a laptop, map is almost useless, reduced to a tiny fraction of the screen. Most of the screen is allocated to empty whitespace.

Bottom: how to fix. I managed to show more of the map AND more apartment photos, without removing ANYTHING.

Think about people with laptops. Not everybody is on the 27" monitor all the time.