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What’s the point of rotating tablet if you are not going to use all that extra space?

Yes, Open in App buttons are annoying as hell. But when you finally need one, OF COURSE it’s not around.

For example, a link from twitter opens in built-in browser and if I want to save it for later I’m in big trouble. OF COURSE it does not have my login information—Youtube app does! But how to get there?

- Well, there’s no “Open in App”, sadly.

- Share menu doesn’t have Youtube either. Ironically, it offers me to open it back with Tweetbot (where I’m currently at). How helpful!

- Even if I manage to copy the link, there’s nowhere on Youtube to paste it.

- The only way I found is to copy video title (which is not easy task on its own) and then search for it on Youtube. Hope your video is unique enough!

Once every couple of years I open Apple Maps, try to solve the simplest problem and give up in a minute.

Here's the latest attempt. Navigate from central Sweden to the ferry port in Stockholm. It's a simple route, 100% on a highway, no city driving, no complicated intersections. Takes about 3 hours.

Apple Maps suggest to go THROUGH the port to another city, take a ferry to Finnish Åland Islands, drive there, take another ferry back to Stockholm and — voila! — you're in the port.

See you in 2021, Apple Maps.

Creativity in UI is bad. E.g. when buying an airplane ticket it took me a while to figure out that:

a. this is a control at all. Yes, you can add and remove people here

b. not all the people shown here are flying with me

c. despite the arrow, this is not about how three blue people transform into a fully grown yellow adult

d. “passenger count” label next to three people is actually pointing to the single guy to the right

On iPhone, you can listen audiobooks from Books app. How do you send an audiobook there from Macbook?

1. AirDrop doesn’t work (Books just won’t open the file. Slack happily will, but not Books).

2. Adding it to the Books app on the Mac doesn’t work (macOS Books app doesn’t support audio, even though for normal books and PDFs they share the whole library through iCloud just fine).

3. The only thing you can add an audiobook on Mac is iTunes (of course). But now you have to sync it with iPhone.

4. To setup the sync for the first time, you need a cable (in 2019!).

5. You can’t sync a single file, you need to sync everything.

6. If your phone is synced to another mac, you will have to erase everything that was synced before (or at least it _seems_ that way).

7. iTunes UI somehow shows that after the sync all the apps will be gone from iPhone (luckily they weren’t, but it got me scared).

After that, your audiobook magically appears in your Books app. Just works

if you give youtube more space it shows you less

Hey Google, are you sure there’s absolutely no space to show more labels and you have to hide them in a dropdown?

Here's how Siemens describe themselves: "Innovations that improve life. For business, for society and for each individual. This is Ingenuity for life."

Here's how Siemens applies that to microwaving your food:

1. Press open. Wait up to two seconds before the microwave opens.

2. Press on/off to turn the microwave on. No, the fact that the screen is already lit and displays time doesn't mean the microwave is on. Yes, you have to wait another 2-5 seconds watching Siemens logo. You know, for business.

3. Yes, we highlight the numbers that are not controlled by the knob. Yes, the knob controls the numbers that are not highlighted. See? It's innovation!

4. Also see the ingenuously placed the start/stop button. As far as possible from the knob where you set your values. Even farther from the on/off button.

What amazes and scares me is that there was a whole chain of people who thought, "well, this is ok". The designer. The manager. The materials team. The quality control.

What amazes and scares me even more is that there are still people who buy these (and other similarly horrible microwaves and other appliances) in bulk to equip various offices.

How long am I supposed to look at those tiny blue circles indicating apps has been updated? It’s forever isn’t it? I updated them a week ago

When your UI is so complex that Bottom Left and Left Bottom are two different options