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LEFT: If you make nesting offset smaller than icon width, it becomes impossible to tell what is nested in what.

Having icons not aligned to the left does not help either. I bet you thought icon.png is one level higher than Clojure Warrior.icns.

RIGHT: fixed. Nesting offset == icon width

Animation after your site has loaded is the worst thing you can do with it. It’s almost like voluntarily adding three seconds to the latency. All the content is already there but user can’t access it until that annoying fade in plays out. And three seconds IS huge amount of time to tease users with something they can’t have. On every freaking page load.

Have we already forgot how much more usable everything is when it’s instant?

Random gym machine. The desired weight is set by switching a corresponding lever. Nice and easy. But these weights are usually at the bottom near the floor, not where your eyes are. You look at them from the top, and from this point of view it clearly points to the wrong level. I've been using these machines for months and they trip me every time.

Every once in a while a window such as this pops up, wanting me to make some sort of decision that I didn’t asked for. What does it want?

Can’t be open — okay, but that’s a statement, not a question.

During installation — wait, which installation? I’m not installing anything.

Continue — what? Continue cannot be open? That’s not even grammatically correct.

Cancel cannot be open? Does it mean it can be open now? During installation?

A perfect window says what’s going on:

# macOS wants to update “Telegram”

We need to quickly restart “Telegram” to update it. The application will open back once update is complete.

[Postpone] [Restart & Update]

An even better window does not exist at all: the update happens silently when app is not open.

I hope your monitor is wide enough for our buttons.

Thx @mxtnr for the picture

I am currently connected to the internet, as evidenced by me writing this post and uploading a screenshot of you to Grumpy Website.

However, Apple Photos thinks I'm not connected. Maybe it cannot connect to iCloud? Someone should tell them that iCloud is not the Internet.

Hint to programmers: make sure that your user-facing errors contain the actual error and ways to fix it.

This is Hertz's customer satisfaction survey that uses the Inmoment platform.

Free-form fields have a quaint detail strength meter on the side that really is just a word counter. I can't figure out if it's useless and stupid, or whether it's genius.

When you ask a person "What was your experience?", many people will just opt for a one-word answer, "Bad", or "Meh", or "It was ok I guess". So the problem a survey designer faces is, how do you make a person write more than one or two words? For a technically savvy person a word counter disguised like this looks stupid. But is it though?

If user decision is not necessary, an app can act on its own. This is a usual case specially in saving document names when an app requests for a new name every time user create a document. The results can be funny. Usually users type random characters to pass this step quickly.

App requirements should not block up user journey. For optional data let the user to set it after by request.

1. Cursor over the left button

2. Cursor over the right button

3. Default state

thx @greenest_pig for the picture

I'm back at Dropbox's PDF viewer. Notice the grey bar at the bottom that contains some functionality related to the document: navigation, fullscreen toggle, print button etc.

Of course it's animated. Of course it disappears and appears. But notice this: it appears on every single action that a user is performing. You scrolled the document? It pops up. You moved the mouse? It pops up. The only way for it to remain hidden is for to you stare at the screen and do one thing only: read every word from top to bottom without even adjusting the document's scroll position. I repeat: do not touch that mouse/trackpad.

Because, obviously, there's just not enough space in that entire page to place this bar. Not even in the 2000 or so empty pixels between the document name and the Download button.