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Sorry Apple, that’s not how dropdowns work

I’ve seen row of checkboxes working as a radio group. I’ve seen radio buttons that work like checkboxes. But in my long, long life with computers I’ve never seen checkboxes mixed with radio buttons in the same group. Respect for surprising me!

During browsing App Store somewhere, via some magic link, I got my account switched from German to US store. Now I can’t update apps, can’t download apps, and can’t switch back. Apple won’t even show me what store am I in! And changing stores, apparently, requires finishing your life, no less. Especially funny is that all those subscriptions were made in German store but now prevent me from switching back to it. Crazy.

Who would’ve thought that adding invisible, unchangeable state and making your whole system depend on it can be a bad idea?

P.S. “You must switch to the German store before purchasing” is such a fuck you message. If only I knew how to do it! How about you help me switch?

Thank you DHL very easy to find my country! Simple advice:

- Align items

- Arrange in columns, not in rows

All for ease of scanning

three layers of some popup bullshit, one even with blur effect

This is Google Console used all over the world. More specifically, Monitoring. More specifically, Alerts and Incidents. You know, a place where it's vitally important to know the exact date and time when something happened.

I guess that's exactly why they use US date formatting in the filters and social-network-style "X days ago" for dates and times. Because that's *exactly* what you want in a tool like this.

Two IDENTICAL icons for two different actions (one group chat, one personal chat).

Thx @kemss for the picture

you might think that is a button that calls up a popup menu. Nope! It’s just a selectable row, and (...) is just an icon of this row.

Well of course magnifying glass just next to the “Search language” label will NOT search language (it searches settings instead).

Thanks Kai for the video.

How many movies Jude Law has? Five? Yes, if you are a normal person. If you are an expert in terrible UIs, though, you might guess that there’s hidden horizontal scroll WITH NO INDICATION AT ALL. And discover 25 other titles.

I also wonder what grey and white stripes at the top of the window are for.

Thanks @delaguardo for finding this