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Google Dataflow.

But... Why?

Also, it's animated (of course) even though it only ever animates over two pixels.

Google holding me hostage of its notification policies. Until I enable notifications for Google Maps, it refuses to navigate for me

Using our native app for “better experience”? But missing our cookies warning and “Download app” banner? We have you covered!

I set up a reminder to myself at the end of the month. Guess what happened on Feb 29? Right, calendar switched to March silently, since there was no Feb 30. Which is a reminder that programmer’s logic is usually something completely different from people’s logic.

P.S. there’s a special setting in to get exactly what I want, but it seems to be buried deep down and, from the looks of it, Apple doesn’t really work on it all that often (see spacing between controls, calendar grid alignment, black border instead of light one, the fact that Ok/Cancel button were cut off by the edge of the screen).

First, some designer thinks that adding people to the group or muting/unmuting it happens more often then search. Which I disagree with. But then, they put Search and Delete Group next to each other, which is kind of like putting Wipe windscreen and Launch nukes on the same panel.

To be fair, I did ask to “Siehe Karte” (= see a map).

DE-select. DoN’T. Deleted. Too many negations. I had a hard time figuring out if I should leave that checked or not.

All could be as simple as:

Delete these devices:

[x] disk

Popup are great! As long as they are simple and static. When you start building interactive UIs inside them, all bets are off. E.g. if you start nesting them, or add scrolling to them, and then move content underneath the mouse. Very tricky interaction that no user likes.

If there’s enough space, avoid scrolling is more important than putting currently selected option under the cursor.

Thanks @benKolyaM for the video

The most over-designed field editing UI I’ve seen. Three different screens, two screen transitions where sinlge text field would suffice