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just hypnotic

- Read person’s timeline

- Click on a picture

- Get page reload, which sucks, btw

- Click back

- Return to your own timeline

It doesn’t just loses your progress. It loses even the user that you were reading!

Are people seriously living with this?

Ratio of actual content you are working on to secondary UI in web Excel: 50%

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github dance

Nested (...) buttons on Twitter

It’s always good to start a wizard with a step that trains them clicking Ok for no apparent reason.

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When space taken by “Show more” button is 4x bigger than the actual content it hides.

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First, subscription details open in a Of course! Where else?

Then, you can choose between paying 269 or 329 Roubles per month. Pretty compelling choice, isn’t it?

What’s better, for yearly subscription you have four options: 2350, 2750, 2750 or 2750 Roubles!

And of course, everything is Premium.

Thx @kix_kixson for the picture.

Got a little bit too used to cookie banners? How about we put a subscribe button in a place of cookie warning instead?