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Looks like if you start map interaction with zoom, you can’t rotate. If you start with rotate, you can both rotate and zoom. Weird to have this distinction.

How it should be: if you touched with two fingers, map should follow both fingers no matter what they do.

Thanks @Hy33d for reporting this

No one. Literally no one at Google knows how Google's own accounts work.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the 7th type of user switch I've seen at Google. And it's as broken as any other.

Also see a rundown of these issues from 3 years ago: If anything, the problem has only worsened.

This is just beautiful:

- text input looks like combo box;

- fitlters look like buttons;

- “Advanced search” looks like a link (it’s a button!) Also, it opens combo box above, same as ▼);

- actual buttons look disabled and resemble decoration rather that a toolbar.

To uninstall VS, you first have to update its installer

Thanks Dan Saedén for the picture

As a: Slack user

I want to: Be reminded that Desktop Slack App exists every time I click on a Slack message link, instead of seeing the contents of the damn link already.

I also want to: See a fake progress bar that imitates some progress of something (?) while no progress is made at all.

So that I: Finally give up and install an app.

So that the app: Can eat up significant chunk of my laptop’s memory and battery while it starts up.

So that the laptop manufacturer: Can sell me a more powerful laptop every year.

Oh, I also want to be see a very slow animation on cookie warning so that I am not easily scared of it. Apparently.

We can show you preview of the file. We can even syntax highlight it. But open it? No, unsupported

Thanks @hugmanrique for the picture

I’ll never understand this. You have almost 2000 px on the screen, yet you cut off like 10 extra letters? Why?

After years of desktop YouTube and video players it feels almost magical that video can simply expand to fullscreen without fade ins/fade outs, resetting play position, overlays appearign or disappearing, or stutter. Feels almost magical.

Invisible scrollbars was one of the biggest blows on the usability of computer interfaces. You can never know if something is scrollable and how much stuff are you missing.

Looks clean though!

Thanks @NickKaramoff for the video

Why the tiny hover areas for toolbar buttons Apple? You have lots of space there, the bigger the buttons are, the better.

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