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The most stupid thing is that embedded YouTube has an option to disable fullscreen play. Why???

If your rectangles are rounded, they should not touch. It’s as simple as that

Disable ConnectedPDF features → Enabled == Disabled. Good luck figuring this out.

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Yes, I am 14 or over. What should I do?

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Do I press Download or .dmg?

This is an elegant solution that at the first sight has the simplicity of a single button.

But if you try to think about it, it’s a really confusing:

- It’s half-a-button and half-a-dropdown.

- Two halves look almost identical but operate very differently.

- Two halves look like a part of a single control but actually operate independently.

- You are supposed to select value from dropdown first, but it comes after the button.

- There’s a text label explaining which options hide in the dropdown because people are afraid of clicking on it.

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Here’s what happens.

When selecting shared folder in iCloud™©® Drive©®™, macOS adds a one-line header, pushing the list of files down for exactly one line. Because of that, your click lands on non-shared folder, so macOS removes 1-line header. You’re back where you started.

Every. Freaking. Time.

“Choose Download and Keep Originals below.”

Yet there’s nothing like it below...

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Comfortably work with issues

Focus on the content

Don’t do what JIRA does

(content area highlighted by me)

You can leave, delete, reply, but there’s no way just to confirm: yes, this is legit, I want to see it.

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What’s the difference between Account and Profile?

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